Champions Club is a specially designed developmental area for school aged children with special needs.

Champions Club is held on Sunday mornings as part of our Runcorn Kids program. It is designed for children who may find it difficult to join in the regular children’s program. Champions Club is a unique place where parents can leave their children so that they, as parents, can join in the main Sunday morning church service. It allows peace of mind for both the children and the parents that they are receiving the support and attention that they may require.

During the morning our focus is on spiritual growth through God’s Word, developing the intellect of each participant through the five senses, educationally through various learning tools, as well as engaging the child physically during active gross motor fun.

Our Champions Club room has been built to accommodate the sensory equipment and play area for the children.


Special needs is rising at an alarming rate around the world. Every country I visit says the same thing…we are meeting more special needs families needing help and we don’t know how to help them. Autism is now the #1 developmental disease in the world. These families are hurting, feel rejected and forgotten. But there is hope.

Pastor Craig Johnson, Champions Club Founder


As the Children’s Ministries Director I have come across many families with children with special needs. Every child is of equal importance to us, so when we saw children who were not being catered for we sought out a solution. On our journey God led us to Pastor Craig Johnson and Champions Club. With the support and generosity of our congregation we now have a purpose-built special needs room where these children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. And their parents are able to relax and participate in the adult service with peace of mind that their children are having a great time as well.

Greer Brooker, RCC Children’s Ministries Director


Prior to Champions Club my boy hated coming to church as kids church was too loud and there were too many people – he wouldn’t even enter the room for his age group but rather sat in the room with his older brother doing nothing! Fast forward to the Champions Club opening and my boy loves coming to church, learning about God and spending time in the awesome CC room with his equally awesome carers! My boy’s confidence has soared and he has formed beautiful relationships with his Carer’s – he even wanted me to text photos to them when he finally lost his front tooth! This has not only impacted my boy but the whole family as we have all been able to form new relationships which really is priceless! 

Louise, Champions Club Parent

To enquire about Champions Club and/or your interest in enrolling your child, email Greer Brooker at