Runcorn Connect Groups

For all adults
A connect group is a friendly group of 6-10 people who meet regularly to share life and explore the bible together. They’re designed to help you develop meaningful relationships with Christ and others, so that you can grow into your God-given potential.
Check out which connect group you could join in the table below. You can sign-up at the church information desk after a Sunday service, or by contacting the church office.
Ps Nick Booth – Connect Groups Pastor
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Suburb Leader Group Name Days
Runcorn Evan Thomas Young Adults 1 Thursday (weekly 7:30pm)
Runcorn Chris Cantoni Young Adults 2 Monday (weekly 7:30pm)
Runcorn Bill Kennedy Coffee & the Book Thursday (Fortnightly 10am)
Runcorn Lynn Lowrey Know your Bible Thursday (Alternate Fortnights 10am)
Runcorn Roy Parbhoo Wednesday (Fortnightly)
Runcorn Alanna Sorrensen Friday Group Friday (Weekly)
Runcorn Ross & Kaaren Smith Thursday (Fortnightly)
Heritage Park Russell Cook Thursday (Fortnightly)
Stretton Simon McQuitty Wednesday (Fortnightly)
Sunnybank Hills Allan Thygesen Friday (Fortnightly)

Connect Groups Campaign

During August each year, our connect groups embark on a month long bible study series together.
Stay tuned to discover what the next series will be. Previous campaigns include:
  • The Habits of Happiness – biblically-based habits to develop a perspective of contentment (2016)
  • Transformed – how God changes us spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially, & vocationally (2015)
  • 40 Days in the Word – love the Word, learn the Word, live the Word
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